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Quality First:
Lite-Shades' exterior shades are manufactured from the highest-quality materials available. We offer a full line of fabric colors to suit the aesthetic appearance of your home or business.

Motorized Systems and Mounting:

Lite-Shades' exterior shades can be mounted on any window or patio. Our products are perfect for residential buildings and business establishments, providing virtually glare-free visibility from the inside. Our motorized exterior shades make it easy for you to be more comfortable in your living space.

  • One-Touch Control – With the simple touch of a button, the shades effortlessly go up and down.

  • Full Automation – With sun and/or wind sensors, or timers, your shades will have full automation​

A Product Beyond Compare:

The ZipLite-Shade forces the fabric to be locked into the track at all times, keeping unwanted pests and insects out.

If you’re searching for exterior shades that allow you to extend your indoor living space, our ZipLite-Shade Systems are a perfect option. With the simple push of a button, you’ll have access to an outdoor living space without the pesky pests that come with outdoor experiences.

Solar Protection and Return on Investment:

You’ll enjoy up to 100% of shade while preventing as much as 98% of solar rays from entering your home or business. Our shades provide a boost of energy efficiency, particularly during the sunny summer months. Because our exterior shades keep excessive heat out, the inside of your home or business will inherently stay cooler. The end result will be decreased air conditioning costs and lower energy bills.

Things to consider:
How large is the space you would like to shade?
Are you looking for one large Outdoor Shade, or multiples?

The options are endless.

At LITE SHADES we have Manual and Motorized Outdoor Shades as wide as 4ft to 20ft and as tall as 3ft to 16ft.

This allows for homeowners to create a truly unique outdoor living space. It is important to note that these Shades can be Solar-Powered or Electrical. These Shades can be used to enclose an outdoor patio space, create an outdoor movie theater or even cover the windows of your home from the outside!

If you are looking for an even larger Outdoor Shade, we have our Jumbo Shades that are as wide as 24ft and as tall as 14ft.
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