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Lite-shades interior window shades are made from high-quality textiles that come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and designs. We utilize natural, filtered light as a design element, helping to illuminate our customers’ spaces without letting in unwanted heat and sun glare.
Fabric Options:

Lighter fabric colors deflect the sun’s rays, reducing the amount of heat absorption that comes into a space. The end result is increased energy efficiency and cost savings. On the other hand, lighter fabric colors tend to lend themselves to greater possibilities for glare and reflection than their darker-colored counterparts. Our textile fabricators have these thoughts in mind. Our team has created various performance fabrics to optimize your living space. We’ll help determine the best fabric for your interior window shades.

The exterior (outward-facing) sides of our shades are characterized by lighter colors or aluminum finishes. These elements diffuse the light entering the room and eliminate the glare factor of lighter-colored fabrics on furnishings and fixtures within the room.

Outstanding fabrics allow us to produce exceptional products. Our performance fabrics are coated with aluminum, which provides greater energy efficiency than traditional sun control fabrics.

If you want to reduce the glare and reflection inside, while keeping an excellent view of the outside world, consider opting for darker fabrics. Besides absorbing light and heat, darker fabrics battle sun glare, making them ideal for places where you’ll have your computer or TV screen on display.

Lite-Shades’ fabrics filter and diffuse damaging UV rays that cause interior flooring, furnishings and portraits to fade.


Return on Investment:

Thanks to our solar-blocking technologies, our fabrics effectively reduce energy consumption by minimizing the amount of solar heat gain your home or business experiences. In return, you’ll enjoy lower energy costs.

Things to consider:
How much sun protection would you like for the Indoor space?
Would you benefit from Duet Shades? (see main page)
Would you like Solar or Electrical Shade options?
Would you like a Manual Shade?

There are a plethora of fabric and material options for your designated space, therefore, customization is one of the many perks with LITE SHADES.

When measuring the space please be sure to measure to the closest 1/16 inch, and should be measured from bracket to bracket (inside window frame/jamb). Indoor Manual Shades can be as wide as 2ft to 12 ft and as tall as 3ft to 14ft.

Our Indoor Motorized Shades can be as wide as 24ft and as tall as 14ft. LITE SHADES come with a 30 day warranty from when they are received, if the parts are determined to be under warranty a credit for the cost of the replacement part will be issued. LITE SHADES products are virtually maintenance free and are made for a lifetime of wear-resistant, trouble free performance.

Roller shade fabrics are designed in such a way to repel dust and dirt; however, regular dusting is advised to maintain a clean appearance. Please keep beaded chains or cords out of reach of children. 
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